Portability issues with floating point exception handling

Well, this is a fun one for a balmy Friday afternoon – it turns out that there are somewhat subtle differences between fenv.h on Linux (with glibc) and on Mac OS X. A number of functions defined in fenv.h are there to control the handling of floating point errors, and many of them are specified by the C99 standard. However, glibc has some useful extra functions defined, like feenableexcept(). Useful non-standard functions.

So, I’m looking at someone else’s code, developed on a Linux machine, which needs to enable/disable floating point exceptions at various junctures, but which I need to compile on a Mac that I’m using as a test rig (it has 8 cores, which is handy). As you can see here, fenv.h on Mac OS X is missing feenableexcept(), which is rather irksome. Hmm.

StackOverflow to the rescue: There’s a thread with a few bits of advice on how one can replace these functions on Mac OS X. I’ll try the xmmintrin.h one first; hardly ideal, but I’m hoping it will work so I can go to the pub…

Update: It turns out that there’s quite a nice implementation of glibc’s floating point exception handling functions that’s portable to Mac OS X, written by David N. Williams. See this update for more information.


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