SDSS DR9 data release is out

The much-anticipated (by me, anyway) SDSS-III DR9 data release is out! Like many other people, I love mucking around with big datasets like this, and the SDSS team have done a really nice job of trying to make the data as accessible as possible. An integral part of any serious public data release is documentation, and the SDSS crew have excelled at that too, from what I’ve seen so far: check out the various interesting tutorials and basic code snippets that will help you to get up and running.


About Phil Bull

I'm a theoretical cosmologist, currently working as a NASA NPP fellow at JPL/Caltech in Pasadena, CA. My research focuses on the effects of inhomogeneities on the evolution of the Universe and how we measure it. I'm also keen on stochastic processes, scientific computing, the philosophy of science, and open source stuff. View all posts by Phil Bull

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