Weird gfortran compiler error of the week

In response to the following compiler error from gfortran, the correct response is apparently to run make clean and then make again:

Error: More actual than formal arguments in procedure call at (1)

God knows what was actually going wrong.


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2 responses to “Weird gfortran compiler error of the week

  • Phillip Helbig

    I don’t use gfortran, and I don’t program on unix, but this looks rather obvious: the number of arguments in the calling and called routine are different. If they are in different files, and compiled separately, then such an error might appear at link time. Presumably, the make commands will notice that one of the files has been changed and recompile it.

    • Phil Bull

      That’s just the thing! As far as I can tell, there had been no change in the number of arguments (either in caller or called function) between compiles. If the number of arguments had changed in both files, then make should have triggered a recompilation of both of them. I suspect that between compiles, the compiler’s optimisation routines might have made different decisions (perhaps when inlining the function?), or that one of the variable types/behaviours changed subtly. Anyway, fixed now!

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