Book review: The Artist’s Guide to GIMP

I just reviewed The Artist’s Guide to GIMP over at my open source blog. Overall, it’s a nice introduction to the free image editing powerhouse that is the GIMP – the book is packed full of interesting projects that seem pretty easy to follow, written in a refreshingly waffle-free manner. It would make a good read for web developers, computer artists, and Photoshop whizzes interested in moving over to the right side of the proprietary software divide alike (although the bits on photography have some rough edges).

See here for the full review.


About Phil Bull

I'm a theoretical cosmologist, currently working as a NASA NPP fellow at JPL/Caltech in Pasadena, CA. My research focuses on the effects of inhomogeneities on the evolution of the Universe and how we measure it. I'm also keen on stochastic processes, scientific computing, the philosophy of science, and open source stuff. View all posts by Phil Bull

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