Update: Floating-point exception handling on Mac OS X

A few months ago, I was having a few problems porting some C++ code over to Mac OS X because of some non-standard floating-point exception handling functions that are present in glibc on Linux. Well, it just so happened that a colleague of mine, Rich Booth, recently ran into the same problem, only from a different angle. He wanted to keep track of floating point exceptions in a simulation code of his, but found that he couldn’t do this on his Mac.

After a bit of digging around, we found a portable implementation of floating point exception handling that would happily run on both Linux and Mac OS X. It was written by David N. Williams in 2009, and includes some good documentation on the implementation in the comments. There’s also an example program right at the end of the file, so you can test it out right away.

The code should be simple enough to figure out pretty quickly, but Rich split out a header file anyway, just to make everyone’s lives that bit easier. You can find a tarball with Rich’s modifications here.


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